Toolkit: Derelict Fishing Gear Retrieval, Planning your project, Your local situation

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Understanding your local situation will be the starting point for your project plan. A situation analysis should give you a clear understanding of the problem of DFG in your area, which is needed to develop your objectives and to select and design project activities that fit well in the project area and that will allow you to achieve your objectives. It will also help you to identify in advance potential obstacles and challenges that you will be faced with in the implementation of the project.

A situation analysis for setting up a DFG project should consider the following items:

  • A brief description of the DFG problem in the area, including the presence and likely location of spots where large quantities of DFG accumulate.
  • The intervention area, which is the wider area where the project will operate and where DFG retrieval locations will be identified and prioritised (including its total surface).
  • The fishing fleet active in the area: the main fisheries, the number and types of vessels for each of the fisheries, the level of activity and the gear that they mainly use.
  • The relevant ports where the vessels are registered that may participate in the project and/or that operate in the intervention area.
  • The existing DFG reception facilities in each of the ports.
  • Waste infrastructure in the region (sorting, recycling, landfilling and incineration facilities).
  • Relevant stakeholders in the area, such as port organisations, managing authorities, waste management companies, fishermen’s associations and diving companies with relevant experience and qualifications.
  • Characteristics of the area that have an impact on gear loss rates and on retrieval, such as seabed features (such as depth, topography, common soil composition e.g. sand, rocks), marine life, presence of nature reserves or the presence of busy shipping lanes.
  • Any previous or existing projects that are relevant to your project.