Toolkit: Derelict Fishing Gear Retrieval, Implementing your project, Project communication

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Strong project communications will keep your project team engaged and motivated and will help you to attract new participants or sponsors. Consider how you will communicate key project information to the other participants in your project over the lifetime of the project, particularly fishermen, port authorities, waste management companies, policy makers and anyone providing financial or in-kind support to the project.

To communicate with participants, you may wish to use the following communication tools:

  • Meetings: For example, you might organise regular meetings with the port authorities and fishing associations to provide updates on new developments in the project and collect their feedback on locations of nets. These regular meetings don’t necessarily need to be held in person, they could also be held by phone or over Skype.
  • Leaflets or newsletters: For example, you might wish to issue a project newsletter to communicate with fishermen or other stakeholders and regularly update your project leaflet to ensure that it contains the most recent information.  Your newsletters and/or leaflets could be sent by email.
  • Website: You might have a website to communicate about your project to the broader public, but this could also be used to provide practical information, such as contact details, to project participants.

A strategy to communicate your project to the broader public can make use of a wide variety of communication channels, such as participating in community events, workshops and conferences, publications, social media and press releases to the local media. You might also wish to develop a logo for your project to provide visual recognition.