Toolkit: Marine litter retention, Implementing your project

Litter collection | Litter reception | Recycling and disposal | Project communication | Raising awareness on marine litter | Monitoring marine litter | Complementary activities

To ensure that litter collection and reception in the ports goes smoothly, you will need to arrange practical issues – such as who will deliver the big bags, where the bags will be delivered, the timing and frequency of deliveries, the procedure for landing the bags – before the start of the project. We recommend that you discuss these issues in a meeting with the representatives of participating fishermen’s associations and the port authority’s harbour master. Holding a meeting in each participating port may be necessary if there are different procedures for landing litter in the different ports or if the port authority is in charge of distributing the bags. These meetings will help you to identify potential problems that participants might encounter in their participation in the project. Often, fishermen’s associations may have questions or concerns about particular issues such as the space on vessels for the big bags or the flexibility of landing hours. These meetings will help you to arrange these practical details in a way that works for all project participants.

A checklist for initial meetings with participants is available for download.

The results of these discussions can be wrapped up and communicated to all participating fishermen at a kick-off meeting. Practical details can also be compiled in a short guidance document to be handed out to fishermen during the kick-off meeting. 


Checklist for initial meetings