MARELITT projects, Bulgaria

UBBSLA is starting the first marine litter retention project in the Black Sea.

Project summary

Participants: UBBSLA (lead), Municipality of Nesebar, FLAG (Fishery Local Action Group) Pomorie-Nesebar, executive agency Maritime Administration Burgas, municipal waste management company

Location: Bulgarian Black Sea Coast, Province of Burgas

Fishing ports involved: Nesebar

Number of vessels involved: 30 foreseen at the start of the project, then increased to 100

Project objectives: raise awareness on marine litter and promote behavioural change among local stakeholders; collect information on marine litter in the area

As an association of coastal and touristic municipalities, UBBSLA is highly concerned about preserving the beaches and the Black Sea coast. By launching this project, UBBSLA hopes to increase the focus on marine litter and promote a more conscious attitude to environmental protection. 

Marine litter is currently not an issue actively discussed in the Bulgarian Black Sea region. There is limited data on amounts of marine litter in the region and no activities aiming at marine litter removal have been established in the area. The marine litter retention projec will be an opportunity for UBBSLA to put the issue on the regional agenda and collect information on marine litter in the area. 

The project will be launched in Nesebar, one of the major fishing ports on the Southern Black Sea coast. 

Nesebar is also a renowned touristic location, both for its beaches and its heritage included in the UNESCO heritage list. 350 vessels are based in Nesebar, mostly small netters. The project will involve gillnetters, possibly a few pelagic trawlers. Later on, the involvement of other ports in the region might be considered.

netters in Nesebar
Mayor of Nesebar

UBBSLA has organised a project workshop in Nesebar on 26 September 2014, to meet the local stakeholders, the municipal administrations, fishermen, public institutions and organizations, port authorities, business and NGO and discuss the marine litter problem in Bulgaria. The workshop entitled 'Keeping the sea clean - everyone's responsability' was launched by the mayor of Nesebar, Mr. Nicolay Dimitrov, and included presentations from the FLAG Pomorsie-Nesebar, which presented its past activities, the Executive Agency for Fisheries and Aquaculture and the Marine Administration. Read the workshop report. 




The Union of Bulgarian Black Sea Local Authorities (UBBSLA) is anindependent, non-governmental, voluntary, self-governing and non-profit organisation established in 1992. UBBSLA unites 21 municipalities bordering the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, and coordinates activities of member municipalities in the field of local government, energy efficiency, tourism, culture, transport, environmental protection and sustainable development. UBBSLA is also a partner organisation in the EU project MARLISCO.






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