MARELITT projects, Italy

OLPA is setting up a Marine Litter Retention project in San Remo.

Project summary

Participants: OLPA (lead); Liguria region; ARPA Liguria; Municipality of San Remo; fishery cooperatives (LegaPesca, Federcopesca, AGCI Pesca), port authority of San Remo; FLAG (Fisheries Local Action Group) 'Il mare delle alpi'; waste management companies (AIMERI SpA); Accordo Pelagos and RAMOGE; tourism industry (Consorzio Mediterraneo; Costa Crociere Foundation); ARPA Toscana;  University of Genova; Institut Ruđer Bošković

Location: Mediterranean Sea, Ligurian coast (IT)

Fishing ports involved: San Remo

Number of vessels involved: 11 trawlers of San Remo 

Project objectives: improve the marine environment and in particular the environmental status of the sea bottom by reducing marine litter; promote behavioural change among stakeholders and raise awareness on marine litter issues; provide evidence on marine litter hot-spots in Liguria 

Marine litter on the seafloor is a big issue in Liguria, in particular, in the areas of Punta Manara (eastern part of Liguria) and the rock of San Stefano (western part of Liguria).

Fishing activity along the coast has shown that a large amount of waste is deposited on the seabed. To better understand the phenomenon of marine litter in the Ligurian Sea, OLPA has involved between 2004 and 2012, as part of the projects Mare Pulito Integrato and Gionha, 86 fishermen and recovered approximately 360 000 liters of waste from the sea bottom. The new project OLPA is starting builds on the experience of previous projects and involve more systematically professional fishermen over a period of four years. 

The project will start in the port of San Remo, one of the largest fishing ports in the area.

OLPA intends to involve the eleven bottom trawlers that are registered in the port. Artisanal fishermen using fixed nets and purse seines will also be participate in the project. Later on, the involvement of other ports in the region might be considered.

San Remo

Workshop Italy OLPA organised a workshop in San Remo on 20 and 21 October 2014 to bring local stakeholders together and discuss the implementation of the project. The first day focused on the dissemination of results of past monitoring and marine litter removal projects. The Croatian MARELITT project was presented to the audience by the Center for Marine Research. On the second day, a round table on the implementation of the project was organised group of 14 stakeholders. A representative of DEFISHGEAR also presented their activities in the Adriatic Sea.Read the workshop report

About OLPA

The Ligurian Observatory on Fishery and Environment –  OLPA is a consortium of research cooperatives (R.S.T.A Scrl - Ecotemar Scrl - Bioservice Scrl ) providing, since its foundation in 1994, advice and assistance to authorities and environmental stakeholders in the fields of marine biology and fishery, such as water quality  studies, environmental impact assessments or seabed mapping. OLPA has experience in marine litter removal through past projects such as GIONHA, Mare Pulito, or the ongoing Life project SMILE.

Workshop report Italy